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We're Mexican, of course we like to celebrate!
This month, we celebrate our Constitution being signed!
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Catrina Andrea Monarca Large


Catrines Lupe & Pancho in Black


Catrina Gina


Catrina Miss Mexico Medium


Catrina Monica


Catrina Paulina


Catrina Celeste


Catrina Adelita Medium


Catrina Ramona


Catrina Lupe in Black


Catrina Lorena


Catrina Carlota


Catrina Andrea Monarca Small


"Mi Amor" Heart Wall Decor


Catrines Adelita & Emiliano Medium


Catrina Andrea Monarca Medium


Anniversary Video

Elegant Mysticism

Our extensive collection elegantly captures the essence of the Mexican artisan Catrinas by fusing modern colors, elegant dresses accompanied by gorgeous flower bouquets and uncommon European hairstyles.

Each of our pieces is a unique work of art, beautifully designed and finished by the artist with incredible detail.

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