With Free Shipping to Continental USA and Discounted Rates Worldwide

In honor of Thanksgiving and the holidays coming up, we have decided to celebrate a bit early; and to thank all of our customers we are starting our Black Friday discounts today!

Happy Thanksgiving from The Catrina Shop Team!

With FREE Shipping to Continental US and Discounted Rates Worldwide

Catrina Paulina


Catrina Rocio in Silver


Cempazuchil Centerpiece in Black


Catrina Melissa


Catrina Felicia


Day of the Dead Small Skull Candle Holders in Black


Catrina Veronica


Day of the Dead Skull Cora


Day of the Dead Skull Candle Holder Lupita


Catrina Andrea Monarca Large


Catrina Gisela Small


Catrina Gabriela


Catrina Fernanda in Black


Day of the Dead Skull Candle Holder Frida


Catrina Monica


Day of the Dead Skull Candle Holder Dina


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Elegant Mysticism

Our extensive collection elegantly captures the essence of the Mexican artisan Catrinas by fusing modern colors, elegant dresses accompanied by gorgeous flower bouquets and uncommon European hairstyles.

Each of our pieces is a unique work of art, beautifully designed and finished by the artist with incredible detail.

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