Our Artist's Work



Our Catrinas are beautiful art pieces sculpted in clay. 

They are 100% hand made by assembling parts, like the base and some of the ornaments made with molds with parts sculpted and detailed totally by hand, making each of them a unique piece.

The second part of the process requires the pieces to be baked for several hours in a kiln after a drying period has passed.

Finally, the last part of the process is the painting and color decorations using mostly acrylic paint.

The art of making a Catrina starts with a creative design combining its size, pose,  dress,  hair style,  flower details and our distinctive flower bouquet. We then create different versions of each piece with solid or combined colors.



Coming from families with several generations of pottery makers, Angela and David have developed a creative technique to make beautiful Catrinas that have been sold to to the public in local fairs, plazas and some art galleries around the world.

Angela's vision and mastery working with clay has given birth to a unique, elegant style. Starting with the uncommon European hairstyles, the heads of our Catrinas give them a classy look and distinguished flair. Her talent is also remarkable when making flower decorations to add hairpieces, earrings, necklaces and the unique flower bouquets you will not find elsewhere. She has also developed a creative technique to make dresses resembling fine fabrics to create multiple shapes of skirts with frills and pretty trims.

David has mastered the process to make the Catrinas base figures and takes care of the baking process, leaving the pieces ready for painting and finishing. He also takes care of acquiring all the materials for production and packaging 

Working as a couple, Angela and David have made the process to make Catrinas their way of living and develop their family. Their beautiful daughter Sherlyin who is 12 years old, also works on their shop after going to school.



Our Catrinas are professionally packed and delivered to our clients directly from the shop to their door by UPS saving them the hassel and costs to carry them when they travel which is the normal way to buy arts and crafts.

We guarantee that each piece will be perfectly protected but also easy to unpack.