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Earth's Angels

by Daniela Lee on September 01, 2020

It is hard to believe that August is almost gone, but unfortunately, this worldwide pandemic is still affecting many. 

This chaotic turn of events has many of us perplexed and scared. But for many, it has been a time of reflection, a time to look around and appreciate what truly matters; family and friends.

With that reflection, we realized that frontline workers are still going to work every day, putting their lives at risk to save others, not being able to see their own families.

Another problem that has surfaced during this pandemic is that many small businesses aren't thriving anymore due to the economy.

When thinking about ways we could help, we found the non-profit organization Feed the Frontline. Feed the Frontline was created by a group of young professionals who wanted to help the communities that have been impacted by the pandemic. Their mission is to provide meals to healthcare workers, first responders, and vulnerable communities affected by COVID-19, and in doing so, they are supporting struggling local restaurants and their employees.

So, how are we helping?

We created the Earth's Angels collection to honor and thank all the frontline workers, and we decided to donate 20% of the sales from this collection to Feed the Frontline. 

By purchasing a Catrina, you are helping many people; the artisans that create these beautiful pieces, you are helping feed frontline workers and helping local restaurants to keep their doors open. An Earth Angel Catrina makes an excellent gift for anyone who is a healthcare worker, and it can also make a beautiful addition to any altar for this upcoming Día de los Muertos to honor your loved ones. 

We appreciate your continuing support.


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