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November is for the Monarch Butterfly

by Daniela Lee on January 04, 2023

North America has millions of beautiful things to see, one of them being the flight of the Monarch Butterflies. Every year in November, these butterflies take a 2,500-mile journey from the northeastern parts of the U.S. and Canada to the mountains in Central Mexico to escape the frigid winters, where they have a better chance of surviving and reproducing.

A few sanctuaries are open to the public; the most popular one - El Rosario, is located in Michoacán, Mexico. Do keep in mind that you will have to take a 1-2 hour hike up the mountain after you arrive, but it is well worth it.

Unfortunately, while they are not considered an endangered species, they are being threatened by pollution, illegal logging, and climate change, affecting their migration patterns.

Our Monarch butterfly collection is dedicated to raising awareness of the effects of climate change and how these beautiful butterflies could potentially be in danger if we don't start making changes soon.


*The WWF reported back in 2013 that the number of monarch butterflies wintering in Mexico was at its lowest in 20 years.*


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