Mexico's Independence Day

Mexico’s Independence day.

This is the most important celebration for the country, the one in which we celebrate our independence from Spain. We were conquered by the Spaniards from 1521 till 1821; 300 years passed since that time when Mexico was known as the Viceroyalty of the New Spain. 

On the night of September 15th, 1810 the Mexican people revealed from Spain and started the Independence Movement in a little town called Dolores Hidalgoin the state of Guanajuato, led by the priest Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla also known as “Father of the Independence”. 

Since that day, each year we celebrate doing the same Grito de Independencia (Cry of Independence). The president and the  governors in each state give the cry from the balcony of the Government Palace.  

This tradition consists in ringing the bell and shout the phrases:  

Viva Mexico! 

Long live National Independence! 

Long live Hidalgo! 

Long live (naming our other main heroes) 

Viva Mexico! 

Viva Mexico! 

The bell rings and all the people shout in return Viva Mexico! 

In the “Zócalo (main plaza) of Mexico City, where the main event takes place, and in every other state, city and little town, even out of the country where big Mexican communities are reunited, carnivals with fireworks and festivities like Mexican Dances start entertaining people; even fair Games & Rides that you can find in some towns.  Along with the beauty of the lights and colors of the decoration, this night is a very near and dear to Mexican’s hearts. 

Green, white and red are the main colors you’ll find in this celebration; these are the colors of our flag, Green means the hope of the people, White means the unity and purity of the ideals of the people and Red means the blood of the fallen heroes. 


Food also plays an important role of any Mexican party, being the Independence night the one which displays a vast variety of traditional dishes of our gastronomy. 

 Among other popular foods, the tradition includes pozole, chiles en nogada, quesadillas and tacos. There’s also lots of other popular traditional dishes and sweets you can find such as: mixiotes, pambazos, tostadas, tamales, elotes (corn on the cob), esquites, flautas, mole, buñuelos, arroz con leche  and typical Mexican sweets like alegriaspalanquetaspepitoriasobleascocadas, dulce de leche, crystalized fruits, etc. 


Tequila, Mezcal, Pulque and Beer stand out as the drinks of preference in this celebration, as well as our traditional Aguas Frescas” made of tropical fruits like jamaicatamarindo, horchata, etc. 



You can find extensive explanation and pictures about our dishes, sweets and drinks online… Wikipedia has very good information about that. 

 The next day, in the morning of September 16th there’s a parade that takes place, where the military, air force, marines, and federal police march. It is a civic and popular party that commemorates the triumphal entrance of the Trigarant Army of those days, becoming Mexico’s Independence Day. 

Independence Day celebration is a tribute to all the people who gave their lives, and it’s thanks to them that we have a free and sovereign nation. 

Mexican women have taken part of important battles and wars; lots of brave and courageous women from all the different social classes  participated as spies, mediators, warriors; cook and nursing females who in the anonymity and in the parallel that implied the deeds of the great heroes, put aside prejudices and social recognition to join the fight. 

 It is in great honor to them that we design this special Catrina Adelita. Even though Adelita was born in the Revolution war, we wanted to present her in September, to thank all great women in our history and for always to remember the great power that women have. 

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Viva Mexico! 


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